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McQuaid Honors Row For Hope 2015 Team

See below from Mr. Baber, Principal, McQuaid Jesuit High School :  
"I was myself filled with hope that these young Knights would be inspired to contribute even more in the future.
The other moment came just last week, when I joined seven of our senior rowers as they were honored by the Association of Fundraising Professionals with its Outstanding Youth Fundraiser Award. This septet raised over $35,000 for the American Cancer Society and committed itself to rowing the length of the Erie Canal last June. It was a joy to listen as they recounted the thrills and challenges of their experience. Here, I thought, was a melding of things that make our school great: considerable achievement, and generous contribution, made by working in community for the service of others and an important cause.
Our rowers called this effort the "Row For Hope,” and I’ve been reflecting on that name. The idea of our students’ efforts being “for” something greater is sometimes lost amidst the daily bustle of homework, quizzes, rides to here and there, practices, and many other commitments. But what sets our Jesuit mission apart is that intense, essential conviction that everything we do is, in fact, for something greater than ourselves. We learn what we learn, we achieve what we achieve, all to serve God’s greater glory by serving those around us, both today and in the future." ‪#‎RowForHope‬