an amazing message from one of our @RowForHope team

<an amazing message from one of our @RowForHope team in an article he wrote for YMCA and Church newsletters in his own words>
1 Team. 1 Canal. 340 Miles. To Give Hope. 
By John Wikiera, Sophomore - Class of '16 McQuaid Jesuit
Row For Hope is a fundraiser to benefit specifically theAmerican Cancer Society Hope Lodge - B.Thomas Golisano Hope Lodge Hospitality House Rochester. Since it opened in June 2010, the Rochester Hope Lodge has served more than 9,000 patients and caregivers, providing over 20,000 nights of free lodging, saving them over 3.5 million dollars. 1 out 3 people will face a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. For some, being able to stay at a Hope Lodge may make the difference in receiving cancer treatments or not. Hope Lodges are places of caring, accepting, and most of all hope. Facing cancer is hard. Having to travel out of town can make it even harder. Each Hope Lodge offers cancer patients and their caregivers a free place to stay when their best hope is in another city. Not having to worry about where to stay or how to pay for it allows guests to focus on getting well. 
On June 23rd, 7 rowers, including myself will be traversing New York via the 340 mile long Erie Canal. Our trek will begin at the UB boathouse in Buffalo. 8 demanding days of rowing later, we will finally reach Waterford Canal Center, Albany where the Canal meets the Hudson River. No matter the conditions, we will continue to row. Heat and blazing sun or wind and rain will not hold us back. 340 miles? 8 demanding days? Well, that would be like traveling farther than from: 
The Pacific Ocean to Las Vegas, Nevada 
Toronto to Montreal 
London to Amsterdam 
I am honored that I am able to participate this year. I believe that all the effort put in will be worth it. 
In 2014, the McQuaid Jesuit team is ranked #2 nationwide in the Coaches Vs Cancer programs, raising over $22,000! This year our goal is to raise at least @25,000. 
To donate or learn more visit: www.RowForHope.Net