Rowing 340 miles? 8 demanding days? That is like rowing from:


LA to San Francisco

Milan, Italy to Paris, France

Boston to Washington, DC

Virginia to Myrtle Beach

Houston to New Orleans

Daytona Beach to Atlanta


One team, one canal, 340 miles, 8 demanding days, to give hope.

We are the McQuaid Jesuit crew team and we are rowing the entire Erie Canal, June 23-30, 2014 to support those fighting cancer.


340 miles?  8 demanding days?  Well, that would be like traveling Farther than from:

The Pacific Ocean to Las Vegas, Nevada

Toronto to Montreal

London to Amsterdam

NYC to Pittsburgh

Chicago to Cleveland


Won't you help to support the #RowForHope rowers as they give hope, to support those fighting cancer?



One team, one canal, 340 miles, 8 demanding days, to give hope.  To support those fighting cancer.  

The Row For Hope is a benefit for the American Cancer Society / Hope Lodge Hospitality House Rochester. Hosted by the crew program at McQuaid Jesuit High School, located in Rochester, New York, the event is organized by the McQuaid student-athletes, parents and coaches. The crew team and 7 rowers will spend eight days rowing the entire 340 mile distance of the Erie Canal, across the length of New York state. They will begin at the University at Buffalo boat house on Monday, June 23, 2014 and plan to finish eight days later at the Hudson River: Waterford Visitor Center in Albany on Monday, June 30, 2014.