340 Miles. 8 Days. 7 Boys. 1 Mission Accomplished!

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To raise $30,000 worth of hope and support to Kelly For Kids Foundation helping disadvantaged and disabled kids in western NY.

Seven rowers from the McQuaid Jesuit Crew team successfully rowed the entire length of the Erie Canal in eight days to support Kelly for Kids. With the help of our sponsors, every stroke propelled a young person's life to a better future.

    New York State. The Erie Canal. Buffalo to Albany. 340 miles. Only our muscles. 

Kelly for Kids Mission

Kelly for Kids was started by Buffalo Bills and Pro Football Hall of Famer, Jim Kelly who wanted to make a difference in the lives of kids. It is a foundation that supports Daystar for Medically Fragile Children, Children and Adolescent Treatment Services, Rochester Hearing and Speech Center, Peace of the City Ministries and many more programs geared to giving kids a leg up in the world.

You are part of our adventure. We can't grow HOPE without you.

“Support from the Kelly for Kids Foundation will provide countless opportunities for Daystar’s medically fragile babies, toddlers, and preschoolers to experience the joys of childhood, make new friendships with other young children facing similar challenges, and learn and explore their world at their own pace, while being encouraged and supported by Daystar’s talented team of teachers, therapy partners, and pediatric nurses.”
Kim Condon, Daystar Director

Kim Condon, Daystar Director

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Every little bit helps. Whether you donate $5, $50, or $1000, you are changing a life! 

Video by film student: SieNNa Sertl: Thank you SiENNa! 

We Are Ready

Find out about our 2016 team, our mission and how McQuaid crew team took on this effort.  #MenForOthers

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